Moving to a new home

Key Box Solutions has officially changed hands to new ownership and moved their headquarters to a new home in Indiana. The founders of the site searched for months to find a new owner who would bring the same dedication to customer satisfaction they demonstrated since the company was founded, and also the passion and ability to continue to grow KBS beyond its current market share. Their search ended when they met with the new owner, Chris Winebrenner. 

Introduction from the new owner

Hello, KBS customers! It's a pleasure to be part of this announcement and make my introduction to the customers of Key Box Solutions. My background includes 15+ years working in the government contracting industry, maintaining high customer satisfaction levels through various roles from recruiting, project and program management, proposal development, all the way to my last corporate role: Partner and Vice President of a successful small government contracting company. My partner and I started the company with 5 employees and grew it to 120+ employees and over $20 million in annual revenue in under 5 years.  It took a tremendous amount of effort, but we built a strong, lasting company.  I chose to leave that company in 2009 when I started my family, and have been working for myself ever since.

KBS has been on my radar for a long time, and I have spoken to the owners extensively while searching for my next business. I determined there was an opportunity they had not fully explored that played very well with my background: serving the needs of the government. They had certainly made sales to both federal and state government offices, as well as some military customers, but they had not focused on the government as a primary market because they had started another venture in the commercial sector.

Vision toward the future

My goal is to maintain the same great experience our commercial customers have had with KBS while adding a completely new market for KBS: government sales to federal (civilian and military), state, and local jurisdictions.  This effort has already begun with getting KBS registered in SAM (System for Award Management), obtaining our DUNS number and CAGE codes, and determining our proper NAICS and FSC codes for responding to solicitations.  We are at the beginning stages of submitting our proposal to acquire a GSA Schedule to facilitate the government ordering process as well.  Placing an order with KBS is now as easy for our government customers as it is for our commercial customers: place your secure order online using your government provided purchasing card or call to place a purchase order or request a quote.

And, not to worry, our efforts to target government customers will actually increase our ability to provide the same fantastic service our commercial clients have come to expect.