Lund Key Cabinets

Lund Key Cabinets Offer High Levels of Security and Organization

When trying to select a new key cabinet for your business it is quite easy to become overwhelmed with all of the different choices out there. If you narrow your search down to Lund Key Cabinets then you can make things a lot simpler for yourself as Lund caters to just about every need you might have within a key cabinet. By choosing a Lund Key Cabinet you know you are going for a trusted brand that has many years of experience in storing your keys in an organized fashion as well as keeping them safe. When it comes to something important as the security to all of the keys for your business, having the brand recognition of a name that you can trust is very important.

Common Problems That the Lund Key Cabinets Can Help Prevent

As business owners we would all like things within our business to go as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately the world that we live in is less than perfect and things can frequently arise to make life just that much more difficult. Taking preventive measures against these sorts of things is often the best way to relieve these sorts of stresses from our lives and make the whole business operation much less of a chore. Things that can often go wrong include:


  • Theft from the premises both by outsiders and employees
  • Damages to company property
  • Unorganized systems in place causing employees to waste time on unimportant tasks
  • Unauthorized entry to certain areas of the premises
  • Lost work hours due to employees hiding out in areas they should not have access to


Lund Key Cabinet can do wonders at helping to alleviate all of those concerns to varying degrees. If you feel like the organization and security of your business could be improved upon then a Lund Key Cabinet might be exactly the answer to take care of all of those concerns at once. Aside from the obvious heightened level of organization that can be achieved by implementing a key cabinet, the security of all of those keys will be much better as well. Often just having a key cabinet there and making the employees aware of it should be enough to deter the idea of any misdeeds whether it is locked or not. While you should still keep it locked at all times and only allow access to certain people, you will notice that just its presence will act as a good tool to discourage misbehavior.

Security Features Available in Lund Key Cabinets

While security is not the only important thing about your Lund Key Cabinet, it is often the first thing that people think about and the feature of highest importance to them while selecting a key cabinet. Lund Key Cabinets offer a very wide selection of options to make sure that you will feel completely secure in your purchase. While security is important, it is also important to be realistic when choosing security features. If a simple lock is good enough to make you feel safe at night about the security of your keys, then there is probably no need to overdo it when selecting the right lock for your key cabinet. Each Lund Key Cabinet will come with its own included locking mechanism. Let’s take a closer look at the different options available.

Key Locks on Lund Key Cabinets

These are the most traditional type of locks available and use a key to open the lock that allows access to the rest of the keys. If your operation is one of a smaller size, you don’t have many employees and the threat level to your security is not very high then these sorts of locks can be the simplest as well as cheapest option for you. You just give a copy of the key to the Lund Key Cabinet to any employee that you wish to allow access to it. The reasons for the level of security being lower with these types of locks is that if your employee’s key is stolen it can easily be copied. Also with a strong pair of bolt cutters the lock can easily be compromised. Additionally, if you have many employees that will need access to the Lund Key Cabinet then it might be difficult to give them all keys to keep track of. Still though, if your amount of employees is low and your focus is more on organization rather than security, a key lock might be all that you need.

Combination Locks on Lund Key Cabinets

The next step up from a key lock would be a combination lock. These are very similar to the type of locks that are often found on student’s lockers in high schools all across the country. The advantage of these over key locks is that you don’t need to provide a key to each individual person that you will give access to. Instead all you need to do is give them the code to the lock which they will be able to input themselves on the lock’s dial. Some of the same disadvantages apply here as the lock could still be compromised with the right tool allowing unauthorized personnel access to your entire collection of keys. If you have a large number employees that will need access to your Lund Key Cabinet and you are on a budget, then the combination locks are really the way to go.

Electronic Locks on Lund Key Cabinets

By far the best security measure that comes with Lund Key Cabinets would have to be the electronic locks. These highly configurable locks are similar to combination locks in the sense that they don’t require keys, instead requiring a combination to open the lock, which is great if you have many employees who will need to access the Lund Key Cabinet. Unlike the combination locks though, electronic locks will not feature a dial configuration but rather a numerical touchpad where you can input the code.

What sets this apart is the fact that you can give each person or even groups of people their special code to the Lund Key Cabinet. This doesn’t offer them any more or less access to the contents inside, but the logger that is included in many Lund Key Cabinets with electronic locks will be able to give you more information about who opened the keybox and at what time. This can be essential information especially if something is to go missing or is damaged in your building.

Another great thing about the electronic locks is that they make up for a great deal of human error. Even the best employee can forget to lock up the Lund Key Cabinet after use but rarely would one forget to close the door. Since the locking mechanism on an electronic lock is contained right within the door, every time the door is closed it will automatically relock itself and need to have the correct code entered again before opening itself.

Other Security Features Available on Lund Key Cabinets

When it comes to security on Lund Key Cabinets, it doesn’t just stop at the locks. There are many other things available to keep your keys safe while inside the locking key cabinet. Besides the fact that you always have the option to go with multiple forms of locks on the same key cabinet to heighten security there are also some other features to consider.

Deposit Slots on Lund Key Cabinets

Some Lund Key Cabinet models will also come with a deposit slot built right into them. This is a special slot that allows keys to be placed back into the key cabinet but does not allow keys to be taken out. This is great if someone without authorized access to the Lund Key Cabinet needs to use one of the keys. After they are done using the key they can easily drop it right back into the slot without having to find someone first to open the key cabinet for them. This can save lots of time for both employees as the employee without authorized access to the key cabinet can directly return the key on their own.

Hidden Hinges on Lund Key Cabinets

No matter how much effort a business or company spends on security there will still be those people out there that have every intention of breaching it. While there is no such thing as a fully secure, fail-proof product, the more security measures in place, the better. One of the ways that large key cabinets are often forced open is by prying them apart at their hinges. Using a tool like a pry bar and a lot of force, some expert thieves and criminals have been known to gain entry to a key cabinet in this way. Some Lund Key Cabinets will come with hidden hinges which makes accessing the box in this way virtually impossible. By having the hinges located on the inside of the key cabinet, any sort of prying tool would have no chance at being able to separate the two pieces.

Installing Your New Lund Key Cabinet

Before you even begin thinking about the way in which you will be installing your new key storage unit, you will need to think about the size of the unit itself. Lund Key Cabinets come in very different sizes with some not even being considered cabinets at all. On the smaller end, a keybox would hold less than 100 keys and would be very compact. If you have a smaller business than this sort of setup would be ideal for you. If you have more than 100 keys, or slightly less but your business is still growing rapidly then you should start thinking about a key cabinet. These units will typically hold more than 100 keys and are sometimes even capable of holding more than 1,500. Needless to say, these units will be very large key cabinets and your options of where to put them and how to install them will be very different.

If you have decided upon a keybox or a smaller Lund Key Cabinet then your best option for a place to put it would be on the wall. This will keep it out of the way of foot traffic and also at a level where it is easy for people to quickly access their keys. All Lund Key Cabinets of smaller size will come complete with all of the necessary hardware to mount your key storage unit to the wall. You may need to supply your own power tools, but all of the nuts and bolts of the right strength to hang the unit will be provided for you.

If you have gone for a much larger Lund Key Cabinet then hanging it on the wall will probably be impractical not to mention obtrusive to passing foot traffic. These units are best tucked back into a corner somewhere that is out of the way, but is still easily accessible. Some people can be quite surprised by the size of these large key cabinets, with some of them being the same size as regular file cabinets. Still better to keep all your keys in one large space though rather than split between two medium sized key cabinets.

The Right Lund Key Cabinet Can Make All the Difference

That sure was a whole lot of information to absorb all in one sitting but all of it is important to helping you make the right decision in your new Lund Key Cabinet. A key cabinet can be a big investment for a company with big advantages so it is important to know your way around and take full of advantage of all of the things that they can offer. Make sure to take your time and also be confident in your understanding of all of the different elements of a Lund Key Cabinet while making your purchase. In the end, it could be one of the best investments your company could make.