What is the difference between ONE TAG and TWO TAG Key Systems?

In a One Tag system the key is attached to a numbered key tag with a snap on link. The hooks themselves are not numbered. In this system the key tags automatically number the hooks. Key collection envelopes, index reference cards and key receipt cards are also included.

In a Two Tag system the key hooks are numbered consecutively. The key tags are also numbered. A set of permanent key tags are included for the original key (which usually never leaves the cabinet). A set of duplicate key tags with snap on links are included for additional copies of the keys. Key collection envelopes, key receipt cards, an index book, and link sealing pliers are also included.  

Can I order a key cabinet with NO TAGS?
Yes. Lund Deluxe Floor Cabinets can be special ordered with no tag system - contact sales for more information.  Lund also makes another special order floor cabinet that uses no tags (keys hang directly on the hooks) and has longer hooks to allow storage of up to six (6) copies of a key per hook. It can be ordered with standard numbered hook labels or blanks, and comes in key capacities of 760, 1140, 1520. This particular unit is not offered on our website, but we are happy to order it for you. Please contact sales at sales@KeyBoxSolutions.com to inquire about this unit.

What's the difference between a key box and a key cabinet?

Generally speaking the differences are pretty subtle.  However the most widely recognized distinction is that a key box is 100 keys or less, whereas a key cabinet is 100 keys or more.  Key cabinets generally refer to higher capacity commercial products.  A key box can refer to anything from a professional  box down to a single key lock box.

I can't decide which lock system is best for my key box - which is best?

Depending on what your needs are, each person is going to find a different "best" lock system.  Go to our Lock System description page for some videos and more information about the different lock systems out there.

I work for the military, do you have any special discounts for military personnel?

As a small token of our appreciation for the United States armed services, we offer a 4% discount on all merchandise orders exceeding $2500 (excluding shipping) ordered by active military personnel for their units. Please email in advance to specify this promotion at sales@KeyBoxSolutions.com - we are not able to apply the code after an order has already been placed.

I work for a university or government agency/office.  Do you have any special discounts for educational or government institutions?

Yes, we do.  If you work for a educational or government organization you are eligible for a 4% discount of your entire purchase on merchandise orders above $3000, excluding shipping. Please email in advance to specify this promotion at sales@KeyBoxSolutions.com - we are not able to apply the code after an order has already been placed. 

I'm not sure what solution I need.  Can you help me out?

Yes! The first thing you should do is list all the requirements you have of a key storage, organizational, and security system.  Then simply send us an email at sales@KeyBoxSolutions.com to work with our specialists to find the product you need.

Can I customize cabinets to suit my needs?
Maybe. As noted above, many of the Lund cabinets can be ordered with additional accessories, numbered or blank labels, different colored tags, or even no tag system at all.  There is also another special order cabinet (the Model 2500 Series) that serves as a Key Cabinet and Utility Cabinet.  It contains key panels in the top that can accommodate up to 2000 keys in a 1-tag system, has a small open storage area in the bottom, and a shelf in the middle with an option (for an additional fee) of a small parts cabinet with drawers.  Please email at sales@KeyBoxSolutions.com to start the conversation and we'll be happy to help you find a solution to suit your needs.

What is the Return Policy?
Please be very careful when placing your order and review your cart before making your purchase.  Most of the units for sale on Key Box Solutions are only returnable in the event of a manufacturing defect or damage during shipping.  In those cases, contact KBS Support at sales@KeyBoxSolutions.com immediately for assistance.  In most cases the manufacturer will supply replacement parts or units to repair the damages.  If that's not feasible or possible we will work with you and the manufacturer to make sure there is a satisfactory result to the situation.

As nearly all the items we sell are large durable goods and most are made to order, the returns policy for cases not involving manufacturer defect or shipping damage is very limited in scope. Returns not involving material defect or shipping damage are only accepted within 5 days of delivery of the order. Customer must contact KeyBoxSolutions.com for a Return Authorization Number and Return Address within that time and before sending anything back.  Customers are responsible for return shipping cost in these cases and there will be a restocking fee. Original and Return shipping costs are not refundable and customer bears responsibility. (Restocking fees are charged by the manufacturers and KBS must pass on those charges.  Lund restocking fee is 40% of the unit cost. Other manufacturers are 25% of unit cost.)  

Please contact us ahead of time for all returns. A return authorization number must accompany the product to be accepted. 

Important note: Lund floor and drawer models are all manufactured to order and are non-returnable.