Lund Key Cabinets

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We work with Lund Equipment to offer the most sturdy and secure key storage and organization products on the market.  Nearly all Lund units are manufactured or assembled to order, so you're getting the absolute best quality with each order.  All units are inspected, packed securely, then shipped via UPS Ground or, for the larger floor model units, via Freight.  Lund products are made with 18-20 gauge steel and are made entirely in the USA.  They conform to the Interim Federal Specifications AA-C-30d, Class A-Type II-System I or II and FF-T-77B.  Also meet BHMA ANSI Specifications.  KeyBoxSolutions does not export - we only deliver to addresses in the continental United States.

Lund Key Cabinets Offer High Levels of Security and Organization

When trying to select a new key storage solution for your business it's quite easy to become overwhelmed with all of the different choices out there. If you narrow your search down to Lund Key Cabinets then you can make things a lot simpler for yourself as Lund caters to just about every need you might have within a key cabinet. By choosing a Lund Key Cabinet you know you are going for a trusted brand that has many years of experience in storing and organizing your keys as well as keeping them safe. When it comes to something as important as the security of the keys for your business, Lund is a brand you can trust.