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Wall Mount or Table Top Lund Key Cabinet


Wall Mount or Table Top Lund Key Cabinet

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Capacity range & added security with a 3-point locking device make this cabinet the MOST popular option amongst schools today!!

These mid-size Lund Key Cabinets are wall-mountable and available with capacities from 700-1200 keys.  Use drop down boxes to choose options for key capacity and tag system.  A matching enameled steel base can be added to the key cabinet for use on a table using the last drop down box. 

*Product image displays 2-tag system and optional table base.  Standard cabinet is wall-mount and base is not included.  

Expansion panel sets are available if you purchase a lower capacity unit and need to expand in the future.  Email for more information.


Size 23"W x 29-3/4"H x 8-3/4"D

Standard ½" hooks

  • Constructed with strong 18 Gauge Steel.
  • 3 point locking device keeps keys secure.
  • Cabinet furnished with complete Two Tag Key System. 
  • Hooks and tags are numbered consecutively from 1 up unless otherwise specified.
  • Light office gray baked-on enamel finish. Hardware is chrome plated.
  • Innovative and space-saving dual-door.

Steel base used to convert this wall-mount unit for table-top use is available at extra cost.

Available with 2-tag system, 1-tag system, and some capacities with No System.

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